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Talal Al Aujaili

Pleasure Without Guilt

I am delighted to express our enthusiasm for making each moment and every occasion in life unforgettable by indulging in wholesome chocolate. ChocoTal's came into existence in 2019 by merging Oman's rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge anti-aging advancements to craft deliciously healthy chocolates. Our expertise lies in meticulously creating award-winning specialty confections that elevate chocolate to unparalleled levels of excellence. We handcraft our products using high-quality, sustainable Belgian cacao, and only the freshest ingredients & local spices, ensuring you can savor chocolate that is nearly perfect. I encourage you to treat yourself to our delightful collection and experience the essence of ChocoTal's. Savor our dedication to producing the finest and most distinctive healing chocolates available in Oman.

Talal Al Aujaili


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Limited Offers

100% Natural


Our commitment lies in promoting well-being through chocolate innovations. Our comprehensive range is devoid of sugar, dairy, gluten, palm oil, and preservatives. We incorporate locally sourced dates, lime, spices, and frankincense to produce delectable and health-boosting dark chocolate blends.


Our wellness-improving formulas, cleanliness protocols, and production techniques are overseen by an experienced Senior Consulting Physician.

Mindful Selection

Our assortment is unparalleled, catering to all tastes. We offer truffles, nougats, mixed chocolates, dark chocolates, flavored chocolate and much more. Additionally, we can customize a blend of ingredients according to your preferences.

Indulge Everyday!

Not just to reward yourself with a delicious treat, but  provide the body with nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle. Supercharge Your Immune system with a healthy chocolate formulation amidst all the chaos in the world.

The world is alarmed by viral epidemics. The resistance to viruses relies on immunity. Healthy nutrition has direct affect on immune defense. We produce chocolates from purest ingredients and spices.



PO Box 769, PC 100,

Muscat, Oman.

Inquiries: +968 79550900

Wholesale: +968 99202994

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